Non-Christian Weddings

Organise your perfect day

Weddings for South East Asian communities are wonderful, joyous colourful occasions and can be just a little be chaotic at times!

Using George as a toastmaster for your event can help to reduce your stress, minimise family ‘help’ and bring a little bit of order to the day while still respecting traditions.

George, who was named as Asian Wedding Toastmaster of the Year 2018, has experience of working with many families from different faiths helping them to enhance the enjoyment of their special day.

His experience extends to:

Muslim Nikah and Walima ceremonies

Sikh weddings in the Gurdwara

Hindu Gujarati weddings.

As with all events George will meet with you before the big day to discuss your requirements and then be on hand during the event to greet your guests and make sure that the day goes as you wish.